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1 week ago


WordPress 5.0 is out with a brand new editing interface, the Gutenberg Editor.

The big difference is that this one uses Blocks as the core for editing, replacing the TinyMCE editor used so far.
This, by and large, is a good sign, except that not all the plugins on your WordPress site may be compatible with Gutenberg, causing problems on your site or store (something you don’t want during holiday sales).

If you are maintaining your own site, we suggest you wait till version 5.0.1/2 is released so the update has time to stabilize and for any bugs to be fixed.

If however, you wish to update it regardless but don’t want to use the Gutenberg Editor yet, we suggest you install the Classic Editor plugin, which will give you other updates while allowing you to continue with the existing editing interface.

And if you have been managing it yourself, here are a few initial steps to take:

1. Take a backup of the website up.

2. Install the Classic Editor plugin on your site.

3. If you are willing to wait before you update to the new version, make sure your WordPress site is not on auto-update.
To disable automatic WordPress updates: add define(‘AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED’, true ); to your wp-config.php file.

** Above text was reference from Tyche Softwares. See MoreSee Less

5 months ago


Business Catalyst is discontinuing, what’s next? Have you got a migration plan?

Although the product is not officially cease until 2020, but you still need a plan to make sure no impact on your business when 2020 hit.

Have you heard about WordPress and Woocommerce( e-commerce)? It’s one of the fast moving content management system(CMS).

Want to know more , come and talk to us. We promise we don’t bite.

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